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Are irritability, worry, anger, sadness, or emotional ups and downs getting in your way of enjoying life? At times, past relationships or past events can prevent us from living in the present. Difficult emotional reactions or uncontrollable worries interfere with our ability to work, be in relationships, take care of responsibilities, and parent. You can find peace. Therapy provides a safe and caring setting for you to work through these issues and reach resolution. Together we will develop your strengths so you can move forward with calm and confidence in the face of stress.

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Services Offered

Free Phone Consultation

Call today for a free 15 minute phone consultation. Fit with your therapist is important. A simple phone call can give you a sense of if you would like to work together. I can answer your questions and help you figure out what service might be best for you.

Online Therapy

I offer individual therapy, entirely online. I am passionate about working with women, especially mothers. I specialize in pregnancy, postpartum, birth trauma, and perinatal mood and anxiety issues. I stay current with research and strive to provide the highest quality care possible. If you’ve tried therapy before and feel like you didn’t make progress or keep circling back to the same issues, I’d love to help you break that cycle. Relief is possible and I would love to help you get there.

Parenting Support

Parent coaching focuses on supporting either your child or your relationship with your child. Parent coaching can be even more effective than individual child behavior therapy. There is no one-size fits all parenting solution. My primary focus is on you and your relationship with your child(ren). You will make decisions that enhance that relationship. Together we will make a plan that brings out your strengths as a parent and fits your family’s needs, values, and goals.

Rather than feeling chronically chaotic, imagine feeling confidently calm as you parent through stress with purpose and joy.

Clinical Supervision

I provide clinical supervision to post-graduate psychologists or counselors. I also offer clinical consultation to other mental health or medical professionals. I hope by sharing my knowledge that we can provide better treatment for our clients and help advance the awareness of maternal mental health.

Be the parent you always hoped you could be.

Parent in the present rather than parenting like your past.

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About Dr. Meg Blattner

I earned my doctoral degree in counseling psychology at Boston College. I am passionate about working with women, especially mothers. I specialize in all things motherhood: perinatal mood and anxiety disorders, birth trauma, and parent coaching. I also work with individuals with anxiety, depression, relationship issues, and overwhelming stress. Clients describe me as authentic, warm, and motivating. I am committed to providing culturally responsive care and I warmly welcome clients from all backgrounds. If you have tried therapy before and felt like you didn’t make progress or your therapist didn’t understand you, I encourage you to try again with me.


Are irritability, worry, anger, sadness, or emotional ups and downs getting in your way of enjoying life? I offer individual therapy for a range of presenting concerns including anxiety, depression, relationship concerns, and overwhelming stress.  

Did you have a traumatic birth? Are you experiencing symptoms of PTSD? I offer evidence-based treatment for postpartum PTSD including Prolonged Exposure Therapy and Narrative Therapy.

Are sadness and irritability preventing you from enjoying your baby? Do you feel disconnected from your baby or like a “bad mom”? You are not alone and you don’t have to keep feeling this way.

Do your worries feel uncontrollable? Are you pregnant or have you recently had a new baby? Maybe your worries are keeping you from sleeping? Learn more about perinatal anxiety. I would love to help your worries become manageable so you can enjoy parenthood.

Is your child experiencing behavior, mood, sleep, social or emotional problems? Are you caught in a cycle of arguing, yelling, or consequences that do not result in change? The plethora of parenting books and online information can feel overwhelming. I am here for you and we will get through this together. Let’s focus on solutions that maximize your strengths as a parent and fit your family.

Are you looking for a trusted mentor to help advance your therapy skills, confidence in working with perinatal issues, or start your own practice? I would love to help you on your journey to becoming the clinician you hoped you could be. 

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