Parent Coaching

Are irritability, worry, anger, sadness or frustration getting in your way of enjoying parenthood?

Are you looking for strategies to parent more effectively?

Has your child's behavior changed?

Are you wondering how to support and understand your child?

Do you feel overwhelmed, burnt out, frustrated, or stuck with your parenting?

Why Parent Coaching?

Instead of offering child therapy, my practice has shifted to focus primarily on therapy for parents and parent coaching. Above all, I am passionate about parents developing and maintaining healthy relationships with their children as this allows children to succeed in the long-run. There is a special bond when parents learn and provide supportive, “therapy-lite” techniques themselves. This allows

  1. the child to receive the support they need from a person who will continue to be in their life
  2. the parent to have skills to recognize future problems before they become big problems and
  3. the child to view the parent as a person to turn to for support in the future.

I also recognize the challenge and burden of getting to a weekly therapy appointment. My practice is entirely online and you don’t need to add “one more thing” to your child’s schedule. Your child does not need to feel stigmatized for needing therapy. I meet with parents directly and then parents infuse the skills and approaches into their child’s life for long-lasting results.

Parent coaching includes:

  • Addressing concerns about your child’s behavior, mood, social functioning, or emotions.
  • Supporting you as a parent.
  • Learning effective self-care practices.
  • Parenting support for significant life stressors or crises such as moving, a new sibling, deployment, divorce, or loss.
  • Guiding you in generating childcare or educational solutions that work for your family.
  • Pre-natal or pre-adoptive parenting consultation.
  • Developing your parenting philosophy.
  • Providing parenting information based on research evidence and tailored to your family’s unique culture and circumstances.
  • Developing strategies and activities to help you support your child in reaching their physical, social, and emotional milestones.
  • Improving sleep habits.
  • Establishing routines and practices that align with your parenting philosophy and family’s lifestyle.
Discipline that works for problem behaviors

Parent Coaching With Me

Because of my experience as a psychologist, I especially enjoy supporting parents whose children may be experiencing behavioral concerns such as:

  • Emotional meltdowns or temper tantrums
  • Sleep problems (infancy through adolescence)
  • Anxiety and worry
  • Anger
  • Lagging social skills
  • Difficulty following directions
  • Aggression (hitting/kicking/biting)
  • Separation anxiety
  • Defiance

I provide skills and mindsets to better work with your children at home. I will also tell you honestly if your child’s concerns are beyond what can be helped with this service alone and either work as part of your care team and/or refer you to other providers or services as needed. 

New Parent Support for Moms and Dads
Parent Consultation with Licensed psychologist

Prenatal or Preadoptive Coaching

Whether you are expecting your first child or you are going to be introducing a new sibling into your family, growing your family is both exciting and stressful. I offer parenting support services for expectant or pre-adoptive families. This is a great time to discuss your parenting philosophy and get on the same page as your partner. 

A new child can be a major stressor on your marriage. With some advance preparation and coaching to anticipate how you will manage the changes, you can remain connected and continue to support each other. Prepared, connected parents provide a warm, secure environment for both the new child and any existing siblings. Parent together with purpose and joy.


Unfortunately, parent coaching is not reimbursable by insurance. I am happy to discuss payment plan options. You can receive a discount by prepaying for multiple sessions. 

$250 / Initial Session (90 min)
$200 / Follow-up Session (50 min)

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