Find the Service for Your Needs

I am committed to improving your relationship with your child. Sometmes, that means therapy for you as the parent. Sometimes, that means parent coaching to help you better support your child(ren) at home. And sometimes, all you need is a quick consultation to solve an accute situation.

Please read about each service and then contact me to schedule your free 15 minute phone consultation to help you determine what service is best for you.

Psychotherapy for parents who are struggling with overwhelming emotions of irritability, frustration, anxiety, sadness, isolation or resentment. 

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$200 / Initial Session (90 min)
$175 / Session (55 min)

Parent coaching to address concerns about your child(ren)’s behavior, mood, social functioning, or emotions. Develop your parenting philosophy and establishing routines and practices that help you live out your vision.

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$200 / Initial Session (90 min)
$175 / Session (50 min)

Parent consultation by email or video conferencing for a specific question or new concern for an otherwise socio-emotionally thriving child.

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$40 / Email Consultation
$200 / Session (50 min)

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